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4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Round the World Trip

Traveling around the world is something that many of us would love to do. However, it is not the same thing as planning a weekend away or even a two-week trip. Planning a round the world trip takes time and will require you to consider many things. Some of these things include:

Can I just travel or do I need to work while I travel?

Most people cannot afford to just travel for months or even a year without working at some point. If you are fortunate enough to be able to just travel and have fun the whole trip, great. If not, you need to consider what types of visas you will need to work in a foreign country.

What will my route be and which countries do I want to see?

This is a very important part of your planning. You will base all other decisions on the route that you will be taking and the countries you want to see. The visas you need to apply for, the transportation that you will need, where you will get accommodation, what extra fees you may need to pay, etc. will all be based on where you want to go.

Do I need a visa for any of the countries I will be visiting?

You can only answer this question after you have planned your route. You need to check whether you, as a citizen of your country, need a visa to go into Mexico or Greece or Argentina. Many countries require visas and you will probably need some of them before you start your trip.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Depending on where you live and where you will be traveling to, you may need to get some vaccinations. For some countries, you will need to have malaria tablets. You may need to have had shots for yellow fever, Hepatitis, and others before you are allowed to enter some countries. Visit your travel doctor to make sure of what will be needed.

The last thing you need to pay close attention to is what to pack. This decision will also be based on whether you will be backpacking or traveling commercial. You will need clothes for all seasons, medications, travel documents, etc. Do some research and find out what travel experts suggest for visiting the countries on your trip.