To keep our blog running and to give you the opportunity to get your business out into the world, we invite you to advertise on the Visit Midland TX blog.

Online advertising is the best way to get your business seen and to make sure that you get more business. You will be amazed at the results you can get with simply placing an advertisement on a blog site. We have several options to choose from and you are sure to find one that suits you. If you are unsure, try it for a month or two and see how your business grows.

Who Can Advertise?

Because of the nature of this blog, we would like to specifically invite the following types of businesses:

• Travel agencies
• Outdoor gear
• Banks and financial institutions
• Airlines
• Travel doctors
• Bookshops
• Work and travel companies

If your business falls into any of these categories or a related one, you are a good candidate for advertising on this blog.

What are My Options?

We have two main types of advertisement spots: banner advertisements that appear at the top or bottom of a page and spans across the page; or sidebar advertisements that appear on the side of a blog page.

You can choose from these packages:

1 x banner @ $50 for two months
1 x sidebar @ $45 for two months
1 x banner and 1 x sidebar @ $60 for two months
2 x banner @ $70 for two months
2 x sidebar @$60 for two months

How Do I Apply?

To apply for a spot, simply send us an email with your business name, contact details, a description of the business, and your choice of advertisement package. Send your application request to