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On a Budget? Here Are Travel Destinations You Have to Try

Traveling on a budgetTravel and vacation are used interchangeably. When you say vacation, it means an escape while travel is somewhat serious. It involves experience and culture immersion to the different travel destinations.

When you say travel, it is equivalent to money. But do you know that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive? Instead of going to the world famous travel destinations, go to the best budget travel destinations.

Where Are the Best Budget Travel Destinations?

1. Northern Vietnam

This is an overlooked destination located north of Hanoi along the Chinese border. It is home to rice terraces, twisting roads, incredible scenery, and culture.

2. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

One of the underrated countries in the world. It offers incredible trekking opportunities.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

The place offers historic buildings, museums, music, and nightlife. Traveling there costs a lot less than other European destinations and budget accommodations.

4. Seoul, South Korea

It is a low-cost city and home to many expats. It is filled with high-tech infrastructures and sumptuous inexpensive Korean food.

5. Bucharest, Romania

It boasts of centuries of architecture. There are lots of museums, cemeteries and historical sites to visit.

6. Cape Point, South Africa

Cape Point is the most Southwestern point of Africa. You can take an affordable trip from Cape town using a bus.

7. Crete, Greece

This place is ideal for those who loves to party on a budget. You can go to clubs and restaurants without spending too much. This is a cheaper place to go in Greece compared to Athens and Santorini.

Budget Travel Trips

8. Palawan, Philippines

It is a heating destination and relatively untouched than the overrated Boracay Island. It has the best aquatic life in the country. If you are a beach person, you will love snorkeling, diving, beach hopping, etc.

9. Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia.

It has the best of Australia considering the beauty of the beaches and national parks, etc. It has cheap food and craft beer culture. Make sure you bring your best snorkel gear.

10. Porto, Portugal

It is a flourishing budget travel destination in Europe, with its affordable accommodation and food. It also offers inexpensive museums and tours.

Now that you have the ideas of the best travel destinations on a budget let us explore how to plan a travel on a tight budget.

Here Are Tips to Plan a Trip on a Budget:

Plan Ahead

Scout for deals way ahead of your scheduled date. Check out the internet, or you can use a booking tool.

Travel off Peak

Travel when everybody is not and do it on off peak season. Peak season rates are costly.

Look Out for Your Flight Tickets

Watch out for flight prices and be alert always. Because flight prices are very fickle, be on the watch always. Keep an open mind and use airline prediction tools. You can search for cheapest destinations without being bounded by travel dates to be more spontaneous. Expand your search to the nearby airports and cities. It is sometimes cheaper to fly to a less popular destination nearby.

Travel Light

Travel light and ditch the check in bag. Leave your suitcase and carry a travel backpack only to save on check in fees.

Choose Cheaper Accommodation

Use a hostel not a five-star hotel to save on accommodation.

Buy Only What You Need

Don’t buy souvenirs to save on costs. Take lots of photos as souvenirs. Instead you carry a binocular, which will be very helpful for you in the entire jouney. Check out binocular reviews to find the best and cheapest for you.

Final Note

Traveling is an experience of a lifetime. You have lots of lessons learned in traveling. Don’t just be impressed with photos, it’s overwhelming when you visit the travel destinations in real life.