There are many reasons that non-emergency medical transportation is a great option for those who have trouble driving or simply don’t have a method for getting to their medical appointments on their own. This is definitely a service that shouldn’t be overlooked by someone with specific medical needs and are unable to simply hop into a car and drive over to the facility they need to be at. Furthermore, the staff and drivers of understand their patient’s needs and know exactly how to make you feel comfortable regardless of your medical condition.

Nurse and elderly man spending time togetherOne of the major benefits is the fact that non emergency medical transportation is very convenient to the elderly. It is no secret that the elderly need to make frequent visits to medical facilities sometimes and driving themselves or having a family member do it all the time would simply be impractical. By having a non-emergency medical transport handle the job, the elderly person can get to where they need to go with minimal hassle and without the risk of injuring themselves. It also prevents them from endangering others on the road if they are not really qualified to drive their own vehicle safely.

Another benefit of non-emergency medical transportation is the fact that it frees up hospitals to use their ambulances for true medical emergencies. It would simply be impractical for a hospital to send their ambulance to pick up everyone who has a medical appointment when it should be on standby waiting for an emergency. This efficient allocation of transportation resources makes it much easier for hospitals to focus on providing the emergency care they are known for. It also ensures that the qualified paramedics and EMT personnel are doing the job they’re most qualified and aren’t simply driving around non-emergency patients.

Other medical facilities benefit from the use of non-emergency medical transportation as well. Physical therapy businesses can hire this type of transportation to transport patients who are disabled and unable to effectively get themselves to physical therapy sessions in a safe or timely manner. Doctors offices that treat the elderly can use this kind of transportation to ensure that their patients arrive safely and make it home safely as well. This creates a win/win situation for everyone involved. It should be noted that when a company hires a non-emergency medical transport service local laws may dictate how insurance factors into things.

Speaking of costs, one of the biggest benefits of all when it comes to non-emergency medical transportation is the cost efficiency of it. It is no secret that sending out an ambulance is an expensive thing to do and unfortunately in many cases that cost gets passed right on to the patient. With non-emergency medical transportation the actual transportation costs are much less and this ends up saving both the patient and the business hiring the transportation company a lot of money in the end. This makes non-emergency medical transportation one of the most cost effective methods of medical transportation.

There are a lot of reasons to use non-emergency medical transportation. Whether you’re an individual with special healthcare needs or a medical facility that needs to get its patients to and from your place in a safe and cost effective manner, this mode of transport is a great choice.